Parking and Traffic

Campus parking is by permit only and is on a space-available basis. A current permit must always be properly displayed to park on the EvCC campus. Quarterly permits are required for all vehicles parking on campus: fall, winter, spring, and summer. 

Student Parking           Student Parking Permit Fees
Where to Park Visitor Parking 
Carpool Parking Faculty & Staff Parking 

Student Parking

Parking permits are required for all parking on campus. Students with permits may park in unmarked stalls or stalls marked EvCC Parking only.

Carpool spaces are reserved until 10 a.m.  for those with a quarterly assigned carpool parking permit. After 10 a.m. students with a current quarterly permit may park in carpool spaces in lots B and C.

Staff carpool spaces in Lot F remain staff spaces after 10 a.m. with a current staff permit.

Parking spaces designate as staff may be used by students after 4:30 p.m. except those staff spaces located in Lot F. This location must be reserved for staff arriving between 4:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. to teach classes. These reserved spaces may be used by students only after 7 p.m.

No exception for visitor spaces. Parking spaces designated as visitor can not be used with a student or staff parking permit. Visitor spaces must have a displayed 2-hour minimum permit from designated Pay N Park machines located in Lot B at all times.

Parking Regulations PDF

Where to Park

Need a parking space? Check out this parking map to find out where students, visitors, and staff can park on campus.

Quarterly Parking Permit Fees

Quarterly Permits are available at the Cashiers Office. You must purchase a new numbered permit each quarter.

  • 10 or more credits $45.00 plus tax
  • 9 credits or less $30.00 plus tax

Online classes are included in determining credits.

Carpool Parking

Cut costs and get a designated parking stall when you share a ride to campus. Find out how you can get your carpool permit.

Parking Violations

A one-week grace period from the start of the EvCC quarter will be granted to obtain a current quarterly permit. The grace period is only for obtaining a current permit. Obtain your parking permit during the first week or you will receive a parking infraction on the first day of the second week. There is NO grace period for reserved parking violations: Handicap, Carpool, Visitor, Staff, and Hybrid Vehicle parking stalls. 

Visitor Parking

Visitors must purchase a 2-hour or all-day parking permit. Find out where to park and how to pay on the visitor parking page.

Faculty & Staff Parking

Parking permits are required for all parking on campus. Faculty and staff are encouraged to purchase their permits early or display their expired permit during the first week. Parking rates are determined based on your contract status, not based on how often you park on campus or when you purchase your permit during the quarter.

  • Full Time (40 or more contract hours/week): $45.00 plus tax
  • Part Time (less than 40 contact hours/week): $30.00 plus tax