Cut costs, avoid parking hassles and help preserve our environment by sharing a ride to campus.

Carpool Parking Permits

Carpool parking permits are $10.92 (including tax) per quarter. To apply for a carpool parking permit, visit the Security Office in the Parks Student Union, Room 224.

Required for your carpool parking permit application:

  • A list of all carpool members (2 or more)
  • Copies of each student's class schedule for the current quarter
  • Picture ID for verification 
  • Each individual applicant having classes between 7-9 a.m. that meet 4 times a week. ie: MATH 079  MTWTh 8:50am-9:50am 

Carpool Rules

  • Carpools must consist of two or more EvCC staff or registered students.
  • Each carpooler and their vehicle must be registered with Security.
  • Whichever vehicle is used for carpooling must have the carpool pass displayed hanging from the rear view mirror or placed on the driver-side dashboard.
  • Vehicles parked with carpool permits before 10:00 am are allowed only in Lot C, Lot N (only in desiginated carpool spaces) and lot K.
  • If carpool spaces are full or carpool pass is lost/stolen/tossed, please adhere to the EvCC parking regulations.
  • At least two registered carpool staff members or students must be together in the vehicle when they park.

Find a Carpool

You can list your name with the student Ride On! coordinator in Security, Parks Student Union, Room 224, to advertise for a carpool partner, go online to search county-wide for a rideshare partner External Site Link

Commute Trip Reduction

Everett Community College is committed to Commute Trip Reduction to benefit the environment, the health of the citizens of our community, and reduce the number of vehicles traveling the roadways.  We encourage students and employees to utilize alternative transportation.

For more information about carpooling to campus, contact Campus Safety and Security.