The Small Business Accelerator in the news

11/7/2016 - Travis Snider, EvCC's lead instructor for Small Business Accelerator programs, explains why you should Hire for Attitude External Site Link in a podcast interview with Absolute Advantage.

08/20/2015 - Everett Community College Foundation features 2014-2015 Accelerator Casey Miller. "From the age of 14, Casey Miller knew that she would someday be a business owner." Read More Here.

05/15/2015 - An article in 425 Business Magazine titled "Never-Ending StudiesExternal Site Link describes the national high demand for continuing education programs, and features EvCC's Small Business Accelerator program and instructor Travis Snider.

10/15/2014 - Recently in the Herald Business Journal, an article titled Digital video retailer focuses on staying a step ahead was published highlighting how Guy Cochran, owner of the DVeStore, continues to be so successful since opening his business in 2004.  

05/01/2013 - An article titled “Class sets business owners on growth pathExternal Site Link was recently published in The Herald Business Journal describing how business owners should know when it’s time to take their business to the next level and more importantly how to go about doing it.

03/04/2013 - Kay Hill, CEO of Everett-based PlasamaLab, and Small Business Accelerator – Executive Roundtable participant was recently featured on KOMO 4 News. The story titled “Could the answer to severe allergies be in your blood?” spotlights how PlasmaLab collects and stores plasma until a laboratory makes a request for the donation. The goal of the researchers is to develop vaccines for the worst of allergies. Watch the entire story at KOMO 4 News.

09/17/2012 - An article titled Talking with customers key to business success External Site Link was published in the HearldNet interviewing two Small Business Accelerator participants, about the value of taking the time to know your customers.

09/19/2011 - An article titled Lifelong learning sets successful entrepreneurs apart External Site Link was published in the HearldNet interviewing a Small Business Accelerator participant, Bob Maphet, about how the Accelerator program has helped turn his hobby into a profitable and successful business.

09/01/11 - An article titled Small Business Accelerator gets help to owners was published in the Snohomish County Business Journal explaining how the accelerator program uses three key elements to help business owners: workshops, networking and personal coaching.

03/02/11 - An article titled EvCC adds education initiatives for business was published in the Snohomish County Business Journal External Site Link highlighting the Small Business Acceleration courses. The courses show business owners how to realign their businesses and accelerate their profitability.

01/03/11 - An article titled Getting advice on how to accelerate business External Site Link was published in the Everett Herald interviewing Small Business Accelerator participant, Michael Lee, about how the Accelerator program has helped his business become better through the economic downturn.

09/01/10 - An article titled EvCC starts new small business accelerator programExternal Site Link was published in the Everett Herald about upcoming information sessions and program features.

8/16/10 - An article titled Resources grow for established small businessesExternal Site Link was recently published in the Everett Herald featuring an interview with Travis Snider, lead instructor and a business coach, about the challenges facing established small businesses.

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