Requesting Transcripts from EvCC


EvCC transcripts may be ordered online through the National Student Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse provides online ordering 24/7 with processing in 5-7 business days. In addition to the convenience of credit card payment, this service provides email notifications as orders are received and processed by Enrollment Services. EvCC encourages students to use the online ordering system. If you need help or have questions about this service, contact the National Student Clearinghouse External Site Link (

Fees: $7.87 ($5.62 per transcript + $2.25 processing fee), please note the processing fee is assessed on a per address basis. For each address student request a transcript sent, there will be a $2.25 fee attached. If students order 5 transcripts going to one address the charges would be $5.62 times 5, plus $2.25 processing fee. However if students order 5 transcripts 2 sent to one location and 3 to another, then there will be a $5.62 per transcript and two processing fees of $2.25 each. An additional fee of $22.47 per address will be charged for second business day processing.

  • Once you have entered the Clearinghouse site and are ready to request your transcript, you will be prompted through directions, delivery options and fees
  • Complete the "Consent to Release" form and sign electronically
  • If you are unable to sign electronically, you must sign and return your "Consent to Release" form using one of the following methods before your order can be completed:
    • By Fax to 1-703-742-4238
    • Scan and email form to External Site Link
      Attachment must be a GIF, JPEG, BMP or TIFF
    • Mail signed form to:
      National Student Clearinghouse
      2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300
      Herndon, VA 20171

Do you have documents to include with your transcript?

You can attach up to two documents to be included with your transcript. You will be presented with the option while placing your order. We accept only the following formats: pdf, doc, docx, jpeg. Only required forms will be sent along with your transcript. Everett Community College does not assume responsibility regarding the legibility of your document. Please make sure your document can be read when printed prior to uploading.

Go to the National Student Clearinghouse website External Site Link


Persons needing same-day service may come into Enrollment Services to obtain official transcripts. The requestor is responsible for delivering the official transcript(s) to the institution(s) or agency requiring the transcript. Enrollment Services will not mail transcripts requested over the counter. Transcript will be stamped as "Issued to student". The over-the-counter request form is available in Enrollment Services.

Fees: Hand carried transcripts will be charged as follows: $39.33 ($5.62 per transcript + $33.71 processing fee), if a student orders 5 transcripts they will be charged $5.62 times 5 and a one time processing fee of $33.71, for a total of $61.81. Limit: Five (5) transcripts per day

Military recruiters may receive unofficial transcripts over the counter at no charge.

Mail Requests

Requests received by mail will be charged the same fees as over-the-counter requests. No confirmation will be given for this method of ordering.

Fees: Mail Order requests will be charged as follows: $39.33 ($5.62 per transcript + $33.71 processing fee), if 5 transcripts are ordered there will be a charge of $5.62 times 5 and a one time processing fee of $33.71, for a total of $61.81. Limit: five (5) transcripts per day. Payments may be made by check or money order and must accompany your request. No credit card orders will be processed. Requests without the appropriate fees will be returned. Transcripts will be sent directly to the student, agency or institution. Transcript request form Acrobat PDF Reader Icon

EvCC will not accept transcript requests by fax or email. EvCC encourages students to make transcript requests through the online ordering system.

Unofficial Transcripts

There is no charge for unofficial transcripts. Current or former students can obtain unofficial transcripts through your personalized MyEvCC page. To access your unofficial transcript through MyEvCC you must know your student identification number (SID). If you do not know your SID, you may retrieve it from the State CTC Student Portal. External Site Link The unofficial transcript option provides transcript information from 1986 to the present. If you have courses prior to 1986, send a written request to Enrollment Services requesting that your record be updated. Please include your name (former names), complete mailing address, date of birth, SID if you know it, dates of attendance, and remember to sign your request. Telephone requests will not be processed.

Please note: You will not be able to view your unofficial transcript, if all obligations to the College, financial or otherwise, are not fulfilled. Remember EvCC encourages students to use the online ordering system.

The above policy was adopted on: May 4, 2010.