Business Technology Career Pathways I-BEST

This new program will be offered fall-winter quarters!
Students will complete the core requirements for the Business Technology Career pathways. Each class will be team-taught by a business instructor and a Transitional Studies (Adult Basic Ed and English Language Aquisition) instructor. When students complete the first two quarters using the I-BEST classes, they will have earned 23 college credits. With only two more quarters, students can earn a 43 credit certificate in Technical Customer Service Representative, Office Assistant, Legal Office Support or Medical Receptionist. They will be ready for employment, or they can continue on the career pathway to earn a two-year certificate or Business Technology ATA degree.

Courses include:

  • Beginning Keyboarding
  • Service Essentials for Business
  • Computer Literacy with Microsoft Office 2013
  • Business Computations
  • Advanced Keyboarding
  • English Language Acquisition (ELA) and Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Program highlights:

  • Completing all core requirements
  • Extra support for the Business Computations math class!
  • Financial assistance may be available

For more information call Karen Manley at 425-388-9159 or email