Youth Re-Engagement Program

The Youth Re-Engagement (U3) program was created to provide educational opportunities for youth ages 16-20, who have dropped out of high school. Youth Re-Engagement is a dual credit program which enables youth to work toward a college degree as well as a high school diploma. Our goal is to enable our future workforce to become successful in an educational setting, to learn the importance of and understand the relationship between education and the world of work. We view our program as an opportunity for youth to learn, explore, and challenge themselves, to believe in themselves, to re-engage in education. Education is the key to their future.

What is Youth Re-Engagement?

Everett Community College, in partnership with Monroe Public Schools and Sea Mar Community Health Centers provide a dual credit program that offers educational opportunities for 16-20 year olds who do not have a high school diploma. The program is based on a model of other successful programs in the nation. Youth who enter the program receive the support of a case manager to help them maneuver through college and become a successful college student.

How do I qualify?

  • You must not have earned a high school diploma (a GED is okay)
  • You are between the ages of 16-20
  • You have been out of school at least 60 days
  • You are a Washington State resident (one year or more).
  • You have a comprehensive reading level of at least 8th grade or higher (on a standardized test that we will administer)

How do I enroll?

The enrollment process starts with an information meeting. At the information meeting we discuss the program in detail, answer questions and hand out the application packet to those interested in applying. You must complete the application packet and turn it in to be invited to attend an orientation assessment.

The Orientation Assessment is a screening process that is in place to make sure the Youth Re-Engagement program is appropriate. During the orientation assessment you will meet others who are applying for the program and hear exciting information about degree and certificate options. We will also administer a standardized test during the orientation. Once you have completed the orientation assessment you will set an appointment to meet individually with a case manager the following week to discuss your results. Students who are not eligible to enroll are referred toother programs on campus or in the community.

What is the Program Design?

Those students who are accepted will complete a one-quarter foundations course of study. The foundations quarter emphasizes assessment and college survival skills, career exploration, computer literacy and basic skills review. Students must pass all four classes with a grade point average of 2.0 or better in order to continue on to another quarter. Students who successfully complete the foundations quarter may be enrolled in other classes to continue to improve their basic skills or may begin taking classes toward their education choice.

How much does it cost?

Tuition and books are paid for by Youth Re-Engagement.

New U3 Program Offered in Monroe

Youth Re-Engagement is now offering a U3 program located in Monroe at Everett Community College’s East County Campus located at 14090 Fryelands Blvd SE (Lake Tye building).   The east county U3 program is designed for youth who have dropped out of high school, ages 16-20.  

Youth who qualify have the opportunity to earn their GED, High School Diploma and/or a college degree.  The program mirrors the U3 program offered on main campus with the exception of the GED.    Students who enroll take classes on site and receive the services of a case manager to help them overcome barriers to success.  Youth Re-Engagement pays for tuition and books.    For more information or to sign up for an information meeting please contact Marsha Bradley at 425 388 9089.