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The Composites program is a hands-on, in-depth overview of the processes involved in the development and production of composite products. Skills include tooling, fabrication, machining, assembly, quality assurance, repair, lay-up, vacuum bagging, and cure processing of wet laminating.

 The first level, for students seeking entry into the technical world would be the Manufacturing Pre-Employment Certificate, a credential that would allow one to work in entry-level manufacturing. Everett Community College offers a two-year degree as well as a certificate of proficiency that can be completed in two quarters. Both are designed to prepare students for immediate employment in the manufacturing industry.

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Attend an information session to learn more about the program. Information sessions are held once a month at 5:00pm on Tuesdays at EvCC's Advanced Manufacturing Training & Education Center (AMTEC). 

Information session dates are Oct. 11, Nov. 8, and Dec. 6. No RSVP needed. Contact Robyn at or 425-388-9570 for a free parking pass.

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Education and career facilitation is available to help you with the college and employment process. Contact information is on the side bar of this page.

Program Information

The Aerospace Composite Technician certificate is a two-quarter program designed to prepare students to fabricate, assemble, and repair composite materials on aircraft. The knowledge and skills gained through this 31 credit program are those required for entry-level positions as composite technicians. The certificate also provides an opportunity for existing aircraft mechanics and service technicians to expand their education in the field of composite assembly and repair. This certificate may be considered a stand-alone credential for people seeking to enter the composite field, or as part of a stackable set of certificates and degrees in the EvCC Advanced Manufacturing Program leading to a degree in Precision Machining.

The certificate satisfies the eligibility requirement for the IAM/Boeing Apprenticeship program for a Blue Streak Mechanic.  Blue Streak Mechanics fabricate details and assemblies by hand or other mechanical means to support production and/or airline AOG or critical spares requirements. Learn more at iam-boeing apprenticeship .

For program information, contact Robyn Kibby at 425-388-9570

Career Opportunities

The knowledge and skills gained through this program are required for entry-level positions as composite technicians. Some of the careers where composite technical skills can be applied include repair technician, fabricator and parts designer. Composites can be applied in many other fields beyond aerospace, including transportation, sports, sporting goods, medical and power generation.

To prepare students for these careers, the curriculum was designed to meet these program outcomes:

  1. Solve technical mathematical problems (such as fiber resin ratio)
  2. Learn basic hand skills for the layup of composites materials using fiberglass, carbon fiber, epoxy and polyester resin
  3. Design molds and forms for the layup of fiberglass and carbon fiber materials
  4. Build and vacuum bag composite materials for room temperature cure and oven cure materials
  5. Create projects in composite materials showing how surface energy is increased and decreased
  6. Design for producibility and manufacturing ease
  7. Document technical activities in written and verbal reports
  8. Be prepared for successful employment

Advanced Training Options

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM)  is designed to give students with two-year applied or technical degrees the opportunity to advance their careers by furthering their education. This dynamic program adds the business component to the technical knowledge area to make the student more marketable in their knowledge area. Continue your education in Everett, in-person and online course work available. Contact Terry at for more information.