Division of Arts and Learning Resources

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at EvCC includes photography, studio art (drawing, design, painting, ceramics, sculpture and printmaking), and visual communications (graphic arts, digital illustration, and web design). Students focus on skill development in a chosen discipline and complete coursework in all areas of the visual arts. Our goal is for students to complete their program of study with a portfolio of work for consideration by transfer institutions, evaluation by potential employers for entry-level positions, or for personal enrichment.

Program Outcomes

In addition to the college's Core Learning Outcomes students successfully completing a degree or certificate in any area of the Visual Arts satisfy the following program outcomes. Students will be able to:

  • Critique work, verbally and in writing, using the language of the chosen discipline. Students will be able to relate such work to other disciplines in visual or performing arts.
  • Describe and interpret, verbally and in writing, their own and other's work in the chosen discipline.
  • Demonstrate mastery of the tools, techniques, and processes used in the chosen discipline.
  • Create a body of work that demonstrates mastery of skills and demonstrates personal development within the chosen discipline.
  • Integrate knowledge of the chosen discipline with understanding of the social, historical and aesthetic context of artistic work.
  • Describe educational and vocational opportunities and options in the chosen discipline.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts programs at EvCC include theatre and music. Theatre emphasizes acting, history and performance. Advanced students may work on independent projects or intern with theatrical companies in the area. The music curriculum emphasizes introductory humanities courses and foundation coursework for students interested in pursuing a transfer degree. Students may earn credit for private lessons and for performance with the Everett Youth Symphony.


The journalism program is designed specifically for students who plan to transfer to a baccalaureate institution and emphasizes writing, editing, critical thinking and publication design. Students may earn credit for their work on the college paper, The Clipper.