Computer Information Systems

Everett Community College's Computer Information Systems has modified some of its degree titles.  Some titles were changed to better represent industry standards.

Old Title New Title
Computer Network Technician (Cert) Computing Technician (Cert)
Computer Information Systems (ATA, AAS-T) Information Technology (ATA, AAS-T)
Network Systems Associate (Cert) Networking Specialist (Cert)
Network Systems Technician (Cert) Systems Specialist (Cert)

Degrees, Transfers and Certificate

Computer Science Transfer (AS Curriculum Guide)
This degree is offered as part of a transfer agreement with a variety of universities in the state of Washington. This degree offers qualified students priority for admission with junior status at most Washington state 4 year institutions.

Computer Transfer (AAS-T Curriculum Guide)
This degree is part of an upside down transfer agreement with Central Washington University. This offers qualified students admission with junior status at Central Washington University.

Computer Support Technician I & II (Certificates)
EvCC offers two certificates in Computer Support Technician. The Certificates indicate completion of training in the technical support of PCs, software, and basic networks. This sequence also helps prepare students for professional certifications, such as CompTIA A+.

Program Outcomes

College wide, students work to achieve the Everett Community College Core Learning Outcomes.  All Workforce Training Programs prepare students to be job ready: technically competent, ethically grounded, and skilled in collaboration and workplace norms.  Students in Computer Information Systems work toward these Program Outcomes.