Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering and Computer Science at EvCC

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With one of the largest community college engineering programs in the state, EvCC offers students many benefits including:

  • The most 200 level engineering and CS classes offered at any Washington state community college (Including many that transfer as Junior courses)
  • Most engineering classes are offered every quarter (Fall through Spring) so you can easily plan your schedule
  • Engineering and CS class options that can fit any schedule.  We offer morning and afternoon classes as well as a full evening program.
  • Hands-on experiences in lab facitilies that rival most 4-year Universities.  

You can set up an appointment with an engineering or computer science adviser.  We will be happy to show you the classes needed to get your associates degree!
                      For Engineering Students: External Site Link
                      For Computer Science Students: Site Link

Existing Students:
Are you looking for a local Internship?  Now is the time to apply.  For more information and a list of local internships in Engineering and Computer Science visit our internships page

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