Strategic Plan: 2011-12 Initiative

Everett Community College's 2011-2012 strategic planning initiative examined our institutional activities, engaged both internal and external stakeholders, assessed our environment, and developed the college's plan for the next five years. This is critical for us to meet our community's needs head on and support the state and national college completion agenda.

This Strategic Planning process was coordinated during the 2011-2012 academic year with our Achieving the Dream planning activities. A Strategic Planning Council, made up of college faculty and staff, students and community stakeholders, led the process, which was guided by a nationally recognized consultant with significant experience in strategic planning.

The process included broad campus participation and substantial community input at four Community Engagement Events in February and March of 2012 and a large, two-day Visioning Event in April 2012.

In winter 2012, an Environmental Scanning Team gathered local, national, and global data that might impact the college and our ability to effectively serve our students and our community. The Strategic Planning Council used the scan results and data from a variety of other sources to analyze opportunities and threats in EvCC's environment that impact our future. Their findings were combined with findings from structured discussions on key topics that were explored in depth at the Community Engagement Events. The ideas generated at these events added to this pool of knowledge that was used at the two-day Visioning Event where participants worked together to develop a clear picture of Everett Community College's future. Throughout this process, a Stakeholder Review Team, a group of external community constituents, monitored our progress and provided additional input from community and industry perspectives.

The new strategic plan  Acrobat PDF Reader Icon was developed to reflect the vision created through this process, and was presented to the Everett Community College Board of Trustees for review and approval in June 2012.

We look forward to working together with our faculty, staff, students, parents, employers, and community members to build upon the last 70 years of success at Everett Community College and chart a course into a bold future.