Performance Excellence Leads to Agility

Performance Excellence Leads to AgilityCCEC Instructor Adina Suciu

Adina Suciu is an experienced organizational excellence consultant with over 5 years of teaching experience in High Perforformance Management . She is a Licensed Adviser for the European Framework for Quality Management, a Jury Examiner for Global Performance Excellence Award and past Baldrige judge, mentor and examiner. Her business clients come from all sectors, most recently, Internet and Bio-Tech.

Today's business environment is changing rapidly. There is an increased need for agility across sectors for all organizations. The prerequisite of agility is performance excellence. In the High Performance Management (HPM) program we provide tools and methodologies to help managers master how to build performance excellence within any type of organization. We establish a solid understanding of the process maturity model and how to assess and improve the current state.

Critical to performance excellence is the culture of collaboration and team work. Employers today regularly comment about the need to have employees who possess soft skills and critical thinking skills. Students in HPM learn and practice how to build strong teams and how to reduce the internal process gaps and silos within an organization. That understanding reduces overall risks and better continuous alignment with the strategic goals, which is agility.

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