Why Customized Training Works

Why Customized Training Worksmatt washburn

Matt Washburn is Training Manager at Senior Aerospace AMT in Arlington, Washington, and has nearly 20 years of experience working as an aerospace machinist.

Senior Aerospace AMT senior aerospace has been offering customized training to our employees since 2012. We decided on customized training because we wanted to invest in our employees by providing a way for them to gain additional skills related to the work they perform.

The classes that we offered at AMT have been a big hit and our employees have enjoyed the individual instructors for each class. An added benefit is that our employees feel valued that AMT is investing in their skillset and their future. Many employees share with me how they can now do their job with more skill and efficiency with what they've learned through the training classes. These skills make our employees more valuable and therefore increases their earning potential.

I was able to work collaboratively with Ray Kubista and Lisa Jameson at CCEC to develop Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing and Microsoft Excel classes tailored to the needs of our company and our employees. Ray, Lisa, and the CCEC team were knowledgeable and friendly during the planning process, helping to answer my questions about Washington State Job Skills Program (JSP) and Customized Training funding. They helped us secure a JSP grant, assisting every step of the way to make the process simple. Because of the success we've continued to have, AMT plans to apply for another JSP grant this year and to add even more classes to the schedule to promote future growth and opportunity in our company.

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