Quarterly Honor Roll

Students who achieve quarterly grade point averages of 3.60 and above in at least 10 traditionally graded credit hours are recognized at Everett Community College as follows: Students who earn a 4.0 grade point average are placed on the President’s List. Students who earn a 3.60 to 3.99 grade point average are placed on the Dean’s List.

Grade Point Value

  In relation to the standards set for the class:
A 4.0 High degree of excellence
A- 3.7  
B+ 3.3 Better than average achievement
B 3.0  
B- 2.7  
C+ 2.3 Average achievement
C 2.0  
C- 1.7  
D+ 1.3 Low standard of achievement
D 1.0  
F 0.0 Failure to complete minimum requirements

 Non-Traditional Grades

The following non-traditional grades have no credit value.
N Audit
Y In progress
I Incomplete
W Withdrawal
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
V Instructor withdrawal
V1 Administrative withdrawal

Non-traditional grades may be evaluated differently by other colleges and universities. Non-traditional grade explanations 

 Graduation with Distinction

Students who have met specific degree requirements will be graduated with distinction if their cumulative grade point average is:

  • 4.00: President's distinction
  • 3.60 to 3.99: High distinction
  • 3.20 to 3.59: Distinction

Grade Change

Concerned about a grade? A grade appeal must first be made to the instructor. In some cases, contacting the division dean is helpful. Requests for reconsideration of a grade must be made by the end of the quarter following the quarter in which the grade was given. The deadline for requesting and submitting a grade change is the end of the quarter following the quarter in which the grade was given. In the case of a Spring class grade, the deadline is the end of the following Fall Quarter. In most circumstances the student should direct his/her initial concern to the instructor. Questions may also be directed to the dean of the division.