Self-Support Classes

A number of EvCC classes are "self-support" and do not utilize state funding to cover their instructional costs. Therefore, the regular tuition schedule does not apply to self-support classes. Typically the fee associated with a 5 credit Self-Support classes equals $104.94 per credit.  In addition other fees may apply, please check the class schedule.  The class schedule and listing will identify the course as self-support.

Students who take a combination/mixture of state-support and self-support classes should carefully evaluate their total tuition and fees. For example, a resident student taking 12 credits in state-supported classes and 5 credits in a self-support class may be charged $1,153.28 plus $524.70. Alternatively, a student taking 17 credits in self-support classes may be charged $1,783.98.

All students regardless of the type of courses being taken may be charged other fees, such as lab fees and/or parking fees, depending on their use. Students taking credit courses may be charged a Technology Fee of $3.50 per credit up to a maximum of $35.00 per quarter as well as the Student Campus Enhancement Fee of $5.00 per credit up to a maximum of $50.00 per quarter, as well as other fees.

Certain Self-Support Programs are not eligible for the 20-40 Deferred Payment Plan. Those programs include:

  • Medical Transcription & Editing
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Fire Science
  • EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
  • All Continuing Education classes

If you have questions, please contact the Cashiers Office for more information: 425-388-9225

Refunds for Self-Support classes may vary and are outlined in the class schedule. Refer to the class schedule for complete details on tuition, fees, refunds, drops and withdrawals of Self-Support classes. Please note; there is no 50% refund period for Self-Support classes.

Academic English Program (AEP) self support classes have a separate fee schedule. For more information on fees associated with self support classes through AEP, please contact 425-388-9217.