Satisfactory Academic Progress

EvCC Grading Policies

Students must receive a minimum quarterly grade point average of 2.0 to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Students must also satisfy any additional grade point requirements specified in the curriculum guide for the degree being sought.

Academic Warning

Students who fall below minimum scholarship standards will be notified by a letter sent to their last known address. Students whose quarterly grade point average falls below 2.0 in traditionally graded courses will be sent a First Alert. Those who continue with low grades for a second consecutive quarter will be sent a Second Warning and placed on academic probation; continuation to the next term is subject to Counselor approval. A third consecutive quarter on low scholarship will result in a Third Warning; future registration will be cancelled if Counselor approval to continue enrollment has not been received. A fourth consecutive quarter with a grade point average below 2.0 results in academic dismissal from Everett Community College. Re-admission is subject to approval by the Director of the Counseling, Advising and Career Center, following an absence of at least four quarters.

Students are expected to make satisfactory progress toward completion of their educational program. An excessive number of I, V, W, and U grades received in courses attempted will be cause for review of the student’s academic record and may result in an alert, academic probation or dismissal.

Students dismissed for low scholarship may petition the Vice President for Student Services in writing for re-admission to the College. Specific guidelines for the low scholarship, warning and dismissal process are available from the Registrar in Enrollment Services.

Various resources of the College such as counseling and tutoring services are available to assist students in meeting the scholarship requirements.