Enrollment Services Frequently Asked Questions

1. "I can't register, it says I have a block on my record, what do I do now?"

A block on a student record can happen for a number of reasons, some may include:

These are just a few circumstances that may prevent a student from completing the registration process. It is always a good idea to make sure EvCC has your current information on file. If you are in doubt, check your student information through MyEvCC or stop by the Enrollment Services Office.

2. "I'm on the 20/40 payment plan and missed my payment, what should I do?"

If you missed your scheduled payment then you have been withdrawn from your class(es). You will need to fill out an Add/Drop form and get your instructor's permission to re-register for your class(es). Once you have permission, bring your form to Enrollment Services and we will re-register you for the class(es). Once you have been re-registered the full amount will be due, along with a $26.50 fee for missing the payment.

3. "I'm trying to add a class, why is it asking for an entry code?"

If the system asks you for an entry code it means you do not meet the prerequisites for the course. If you believe that you do meet the prerequisites you can contact Enrollment Services at 425-388-9219. If you do not meet the prerequisites then you may ask the instructor of the course for the entry code-it is at his/her discretion to give approval.

4. "Is there a payment plan?"

Yes. We offer the 20/40 Deferred Payment plan for $10.60. Forms are available at the Cashiers office in the Parks Student Union. 20/40 Plans can only be set up through the first week of the quarter.

5. "What is Degree Audit?"

Degree Audit  is an extremely useful tool in planning and tracking student progress. We are hopeful that students will use this tool which we are confident will increase student success, encourage students to meet with their faculty advisor and urge them to apply for their certificate(s) and/or degree(s). Students access Degree Audit.  Students are encouraged to work with their faculty advisor and use Degree Audit to track their progress.

6. "How much is tuition and when do I have to pay?"

Tuition Rates have been posted. The state now requires Running Start students to pay certain fees. Some classes offered at EvCC are self-support classes, these classes do not receive state funding and run entirely through the class cost. We encourage students to read the student schedule for complete details about their classes. For payment deadlines, make sure you check the Important Dates Calendar.