Work Study

Are you eligible for Financial Aid and interested in working in your field of study? We have jobs in the Library, Food Services, and many office positions. We also have jobs off campus for people in Human Service, Social Service, Business Administration, Early Learning, Education and others.

Students must be enrolled and maintain a minimum of 6 credits to be eligible for this program.

Work study programs provide part-time employment to eligible students on and off campus. The maximum a student can earn is determined by financial need and funds available. Every effort is made to place students in jobs that relate to their training. Everett Community College participates in both the federal and state work study programs.

In order to be eligible for work study, a student must file a federally-approved application for financial aid (FAFSA) and be determined to have a demonstrated need. Financial aid may determine whether a position is federal or state.

Eligible students will be contacted by the Financial Aid office with further instructions on how to find a work study position and may be awarded work study as part of their financial aid award. Satisfactory work performance is required for continued employment. Wages are paid twice monthly. The hourly pay rate is determined by the Financial Aid Office based on job responsibilities.

If at any time you are unhappy or uncomfortable at your work site, the Financial Aid Work Study Coordinator is available to assist and support you with your employment concerns. Primary emphasis is made on assuring that the student is placed in a position which is educationally beneficial and relates to the student's academic program or career interest.

Have you been awarded work study and want to work?

Application Procedures

  1. Complete a Work Study application with the Financial Aid office.
  2. Meet with the Financial Aid Work Study Coordinator.
  3. Go to the Workforce Funding and receive a Referral Form and view the open work study positions online.
  4. Apply for the position(s) that interest you.

Work Study Jobs can be viewed online in our jobs database. Please contact our office if you need assistance logging in to the system.

Employers, if you are interested in having a Work Study position at your company, please contact Financial Aid Office at 425-388-9280 for more information on the generous reimbursement this program offers.