Cosmetology Special Requirements and Fees

Grades and Attendance/Participation

Students must achieve a satisfactory grade in all theory and clinical courses at each level in order to progress to the next level. Passing grades must be 76% or better, as well as maintain 80% attendance/participation in each course.


Students must purchase their own equipment kit through the Everett Community College Cosmetology Department. Approximate cost of the Cosmetology kit is $955.00. Regulation smock and name badge are included in student kits. Student must provide white and black uniforms (pants or dress) and white or black shoes.

Approximate cost of Cosmetology course material

Milady Course Mate for iPad $175.00
Apple iPad 2 or newer $350.00 (approx. cost)

All fees, course material, and kits are approximate prices and may vary. A lab fee per quarter is charged; you may estimate that fee to be about $80.00. Malpractice insurance is $19.00 per year.

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Licensing Exam Fees

  • Practical Exam: $120.00
  • Written Exam: $180.00

We suggest that all students read through the Washington State Department of Licensing online information

Notice to students

Because many chemical sprays and airborne pollutants are found in this occupation, students are advised to consult their physicians as to possible problems (i.e., allergies, asthma, dermatitis, etc.) before enrolling.