University Transfer FAQs

Planning to Transfer?

What is a transfer degree?

The Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS), Associate of Science (AS), and the Associate in Business-DTA degrees are transfer degrees. These 90 credit degrees are designed to fulfill all or most of the general education requirements for most of Washington's public and private universities, some Oregon universities, and several other universities around the U.S. Each degree follows guidelines that support smooth transfer.

Do I need to have a major before I transfer?

It's a good idea. Increasingly, universities are looking for students that are prepared to enter a specific major at the time they transfer (Major Ready Pathway). So, taking classes that will not only fulfill Associate degree distribution requirements, but also classes that will meet major pathway requirements (i.e. business, engineering), will maximize a student's competitiveness for admission to universities.

How much math will I need to transfer?

You need to complete at least 2 years of high-school algebra or the equivalent and complete at least one college level math class, or equivalent. To earn an Everett Community College transfer degree you will need to show Intermediate Algebra proficiency. For further details on how this proficiency can be met check the AAS or AS distribution lists for complete details. Additionally, a Basic Quantitative Skills course must be taken to fulfill transfer requirements. Many majors will require substantially more mathematics in order to complete major requirements (see individual Curriculum Guides).

Do I need a foreign language to transfer?

Many universities require that students complete a minimum of two years of the same foreign language in high school or two quarters in college in order to be admitted. On the Transfer Information homepage, click on our "Foreign Language Requirements at 4-year Public and Private Baccalaureate Schools” for further details.

When should I apply to universities/colleges?

Admission deadlines vary from institution to institution but it's a good idea to apply about 8 months before you intend to transfer. (Don't forget to apply for financial aid, too!). Keep in mind when applying to universities/colleges; you may need to meet specific departmental application deadlines and requirements as well as general university admission deadlines. For specific university deadlines, go to the Transfer Information homepage and select the "Application Deadlines and Requirements” link for either 4-year Public Colleges & Universities in Washington State OR for 4-year Private Colleges and Universities in Washington State.

Should I complete my Associate degree before transferring?

In most cases, yes. Many universities still look for completion of an Associate's degree as an admission criteria. Additionally, the Associates degree provides clearly specified benefits for students who complete the degree.

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