Logistics Operations

Logistics Operations employees oversee purchasing, contracting, receiving, campus surplus and inventory, mail services and the printing vendor for the College.

Email Contact List for Logistics Operations

Quick Info about Logistics Operations

  • The Logistics Operations department handles all mail services for EvCC, including large automation or bulk mailings.
  • There is now a window located between the new mail processing and shipping/ receiving areas in Logistics Operations. This allows staff to provide personal customer service for those who walk in, and expedites the sorting and delivery processes.  
  • Logistics Operations employees are the liaisons for the campus and the contracted printing vendor when needed.
  • The inventory of campus equipment is managed by the Logistics Operations team.
  • Logistics Operations staff oversee the processing and disposal of campus surplus items. This includes Surplus Sales events, where anyone can purchase gently used items from the College for a reasonable price. For additional information, you can email surplus@everettcc.edu, or contact the Surplus staff at (425) 388-9511.
  • Our institution has elected to defer implementation of federal grant funded purchase regulations under 2 C.F.R. 200 until July 1, 2017; until such time we will continue with such procurements under OMB circular A-110.

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