EvCC Student Clubs

Club Resources

Starting a New Club? Reactivating an Existing Club?
Here is what you’ll need to do:

  1. Find nine currently enrolled EvCC students who share your interest in starting or being in the club. (Tip: You should schedule meetings prior to club activation in order to generate interest in the club.)
  2. Meet with the EvCC staff or faculty member who currently the advisor. For a new club, find an EvCC staff or faculty member who is willing to advise your club, travel with your club, attend club meetings, and assist with paperwork.
  3. Review the Guide to Starting a New Club Acrobat PDF Reader Icon and the Club Handbook with the advisor and club members.
  4. Schedule an appointment with Student LIFE for your club members and club advisor to attend an orientation.

What is Club Council?

Club Council meetings are designed to allow clubs to network with other clubs, share ideas and information, and plan the quarterly Club Fest. Your attendance at Club Council meetings will provide you with information about fundraising ideas, project proposals, funding (subject to affirmative vote of the Council members), policies and procedures. The ASB Vice President of Clubs and Student Initiatives organizes and chairs Club Council meetings. The Club Council dates and times are located in the quarterly calendar. Club Council is mandatory for all EvCC chartered clubs and student organizations. For more information on Club Council email asbvpclubs@everettcc.edu