EvCC Student Email

Student email is the primary way Everett Community College communicates with students. Check yours often! EvCC uses Gmail for student email.

Logging into Your Student Email
Student Email Basics
Email Resources & FAQs

Logging into Your Student Email

Login to your student email account at mail.google.com

  • Your login is your username@students.everettcc.edu
  • Your username is the first initial of your first name + your middle initial (or an x if you did not register with middle initial) + your full last name. So, for example, if your name is John L Doe, your Username is jldoe and your email address is jldoe@students.everettcc.edu 
  • Your password (if you have not already reset it to use the computers on campus) is the first initial of your first name, upper case + first initial of your last name, lower case + your Student ID number. So, if John L Doe's Student ID is "123456789", the Password would be: Jd123456789 (where "123456789" is John L Doe's Student ID number).

If you use the computers on campus, the Username and Password are the same for Gmail as they are for the login for the computers on campus. So, if you have already reset your password using the computers on campus, use the same password.

If you are still not able to access Gmail with your password, it may be expired (passwords expire after 90 days), in which case, you will need to reset it using the EvCC Self-Service Password Reset page. Note: The password reset tool will provide your username after a successful reset.

Student Email Basics

Here are a few basics that you need to know about how EvCC student email works:

  • The same password is used for logging into the campus computer network and for student email.
  • Your Canvas password is not tied to your email password. When you change your Canvas password, your Gmail password and EvCC network login will not change.
  • Your password will expire every 90 days, and you will need to change it. You cannot reuse an old password.
  • Your account is enabled if you are enrolled in a class (approximately one week before your first class), and disabled instantly if you drop all classes.
  • Your account will remain enabled through the 10th day of the following quarter if you complete at least one class.
  • Once a quarter ends, the system begins creating email accounts for the following quarter on the next business day.
  • Email accounts are automatically disabled for anyone who isn't registered in the current quarter.
  • If you leave for a quarter and then return, your email will not be active until a week before you start class again.
  • Your email account can be suspended if you violate school email policy. You will get a notice if this happens.​

Email Resources & Frequently Asked Questions