EvCC Student Email

Logging in to Your EvCC Student Email

  1.  Open your Internet web browser
  2. Type in mail.google.com
  3. Log in using your Username and Password

Login Name

Login Name = Your username@students.everettcc.edu
Username = The first initial of your first name + your middle initial
(or an "x", if you did not register with a middle initial) + your full last name + @students.everettcc.edu.
Example = John L Doe, the username will be jldoe@students.everettcc.edu

To check what your username is, please login to MyEvCC and click on "My Account"


Campus computer and student email passwords are the same. You will be asked to change your password every 90 days.

To log in for the first time = Use the first initial of your first name in uppercase
+ first initial of your last name in lowercase + your student ID number.
Example = John L Doe's Student ID is 123456789, the password is: Jd123456789

Having Trouble Logging In? Reset Your Password

If you are still not able to access your email or Canvas with your password, it may be expired (passwords expire after 90 days). You can reset it using the EvCC Self-Service Password Reset

Your email account can be suspended if you violate school email policy. You will get a notice if this happens.

For more information see Google Mail FAQs.