Community Diversity Advisory Council (CDAC)

The Community Diversity Advisory Council is chaired by the Maria Peña, Chief Diversity & Equity Officer, to collaborate on issues of equity and inlclusion to serve as a link between the College and local communities of color in Snohomish County. The membership consists of representatives from various professional and cultural backgrounds who are committed to Everett Community College's mission.


To assist the College in achieving equity, inclusion, and diversity on campus. Supporting the academic success of students of color, improving campus climate and enhancing external community relations.


  1. To assist EvCC in increasing and retaining the number of students, staff, and faculty of color.
  2. To advise and collaborate with the Chief Diversity & Equity Officer on policies and procedures that promote awareness and understanding of racial and ethnic diversity.
  3. To help EvCC promote and create opportunities in which racial and cultural diversity are valued.
  4. To bring concerns and suggestions from Snohomish County communities of color to the Everett Community College.
    For more information, contact Ambar Martinez, Executive Assistant 425-388-9973 .