Community Diversity Advisory Council (CDAC)

Community Diversity Advisory Council

The Community Diversity Advisory Council is comprised of community members representing diverse communities within the service area of Everett Community College. They bring a diverse array of experiences, knowledge and skills to advise the President and Chief Diversity and Equity Officer on issues of equity and diversity to advance the work at Everett Community College. 

The membership consists of representatives from varied backgrounds who are committed to Everett Community College's vision and mission.  The Council serves an important link between the College and the diverse communities of the service area of Everett Community College. 


To advance diversity and equity strategies at Everett Community College that will:

  1. Support the academic success of all students;
  2. Support the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce
  3. Enrich the educational and workplace environment for the campus community;
  4. Enrich the campus climate and culture for all students, faculty and staff;
  5. Promote personal and professional development campus-wide;
  6. Enhance external community relations;
  7. Nurture a campus community that is culturally competent; and
  8. Prepare students to succeed in a global economy.

For more information, contact Ambar Martinez, Executive Assistant 425-388-9973 .