Student Spotlight - Alfredo Diaz-Rodriguez

Alfredo Diaz-Rodriguez with his parents before graduation

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Why did you choose EvCC?
EVCC was a starting point for me to grow and to build my career.

What did you study?
Physical Education

Who helped you to succeed at EvCC? (faculty member, staff)
My family at the Diversity & Equity center. They have helped me grow into the person I am today. They helped me to open up more and to discover what I truly wanted to do in my life and what I care for.

You don't grow when things are easy; you grow when you face challenges.

What advice do you have for new EvCC students?
My advice for upcoming EvCC students is to make connections which will open many opportunities. Stay focused and see the potential you have. Believe that you can achieve many great things and accomplish them.

What do you plan to do next (Job, transfer, etc.)
I'll be working for a while to get experience for my career and I have less than one year left to finish my education at Eastern Washington University, Washington State University or Pacific Lutheran University.

Describe the best experience you had at EvCC
The greatest experience was being part of the M.E.Ch.A  de EvCC family. I gained so much experience and knowledge by stepping out of my comfort zone and it helped me to grow, think, and understand things that I never thought of before. I met great, amazing leaders during my time with M.E.Ch.A and it has been a blessed experience I really enjoyed. I was able to grow and learn, no matter the situation. I thank them and love them for the journey I had.

Anything else you want to add?
My family encouraged and supported me to finish EvCC and to finish my education no matter what. Whether I go far or stay close, they'll be happy for what I'm doing, and I know I have their support.