Student Spotlight - Cecilia Arevalo-Arroyo

What did you study at EvCC?
I studied to get my Associates in Arts and Sciences DTA degree.

Why did you choose EvCC?
I studied at EVCC because they had an easy applying process and had my program. They were well connected in the community and to my high school. A big bonus was that their tuition was much lower than a university’s.

How did your family feel about you attending EvCC?
My family was glad that I was close to home and could still continue to go to college so I could get a higher education.

Who helped you succeed at EvCC? (faculty member, staff). What did that person do to help you?
All my professors really helped me recognize my potential.  But the professor that made me feel really welcomed in class was Grace Kim. Grace Kim’s passion for psychology and her detailed-oriented class really helped me interact more in class. Her lessons instilled in me the obligation to be empathetic towards others when doing my job as a future detective.

What advice do you have for new EvCC students?
My advice would be that if a student is having trouble in class to not be afraid and to email or go to the teacher’s office for help. Another tip would be to create a study group early in the quarter for those difficult courses.

What do you plan to do next? (Job, transfer, etc.)
I’m transferring to Washington State University to get my B.A. in Criminal Justice.

Describe the best experience you had at EvCC.
I had the most fun during the club-fest events that took place early each quarter. They were themed and the one that pops out to me is the Halloween club fest of 2014. The students and staff dressed up to compete for different Halloween costume titles. The entertaining atmosphere showed just how great and close knit the student body was with the staff.

Anything else you want to add?
For those who think they can’t afford going to a university at the moment EvCC is a great community college. That is affordable and is much closer to home. You get a well-rounded education from reliable professors. I also thank EVCC for welcoming me into such a nice community where students are allowed to speak their mind and make changes.