Student Spotlight - Dremond Stidwell

Tell me a little bit about yourself (name, where you’re from)
My name is Dremond Stidwell, they call me "Dre" and I'm from Atlanta Georgia and I'm in the Everett Aviation program.

Why did you choose EvCC?
Well, I chose Everett Community College because it's a great atmosphere, great learning environment for number one, and they had availabilities for the classes. So that's why I chose the school. And they offer quite a few different varieties of programs as well.

What are you studying at EvCC?
I’m studying to become an Aircraft Mechanic

What interested you about the Aviation Maintenance Technician program?
I find planes fascinating. What interested me was that the field is in need of some 100k mechanics throughout the world.

What skills are you learning through the program?
I'm learning a lot of mechanical skills, I'm learning how to work on engines and airframes, anywhere from electrical systems to the frame on how you do rivets and how actual systems run on airplanes.

How do you think these skills will help you to reach your professional goals?
These skills will help me reach my professional goals in terms that I'll always have work. The industry is steadily growing and also it will help me grow my business in the future.

What do you plan to do next? (after you finish the program)
When I finish with my A&P license, I plan to actually work in the field of Aviation in the commercial industry for a while and just try to be a part of this industry because it's never going to die.

What is your favorite part of the program?
My favorite part of this program is that I get hands on experience on real aircrafts and engines.

What advice do you have for new students coming to EvCC?
My advice to new students would be to enjoy EVCC, it’s a great place to learn and there is so much opportunity.

Would you recommend EvCC’s Aviation Maintenance Technician program to others interested in an aerospace career?
Yes, I would definitely invite and recommend people interested in an aviation career to attend EVCC. It’s a great atmosphere and the people are nice.

Is there anything you’d like to add?
They have a lot of great instructors too. They take their time with you, they show you the ropes. If you don't get it you can ask again, they'll help you until you get it. And once you complete the program here they can align you directly up to take your test for the FAA.