Russell Day Gallery

Shawn Janes Student Intern
Major: Multimedia, Graphic Design

Kathy Petitt Gallery Assistant
Major: Graphic Design

Samath Mith Gallery Assistant
Major: Studio Art, Painting


What do gallery interns and assistants do?


As the gallery mounts and ends exhibitions, the gallery assistant helps install and uninstall the various works on display. In support of this task, the gallery assistant receives and unpacks all artwork, patches and paints walls, accurately measure, space and hangs photographs, portraits and other forms of visual art. In addition, they install lighting, positioning spotlights and changing bulbs as necessary. Following the conclusion of an exhibition, they remove all artwork from the exhibition space, storing it in its proper location and packs artwork for returning to the artists.


There is an abundance of work to be accomplished prior to a gallery hosting a reception. The gallery assistant prepares the venue for the event, sweeps and mops the floors, sets up any tables and seating that is required. The gallery assistant directs caterers, communicating multiple instructions, such as where to set up. Throughout the course of the reception, they serve as a monitor, answering any basic questions visitors may have about the gallery and work being presented. Following an event, they clean the space, sweeping and mopping as necessary.


In addition to the artistic tasks of running a gallery, a gallery assistant performs a variety of operational duties, such as opening and closing the facility, answering the telephones and responds to incoming correspondence. The gallery assistants designs and prepares exhibition posters, mailers, digital media, and updates the gallery website.