EvCC Awarded Grant for College Access Coaches for K-12 Students

Press Release

Release Date: June 26, 2014

Contact: Jerod Grant, Director, EvCC Outreach, Diversity & Equity Center, 425-388-9040; jgrant@everettcc.edu

EvCC Awarded Grant for College Access Coaches for K-12 Students 

EVERETT, Wash. – Everett Community College has received an $18,500 grant from Washington Campus Compact for a program that encourages low-income students from two Snohomish County high schools and four middle schools to attend college.

The grant pays for two AmeriCorps members to recruit and train EvCC student volunteers to serve as college access coaches at Weston High School in Arlington, Mountain View High School in Marysville, Marysville Middle School in Marysville, Totem Middle School in Marysville, North Middle School in Everett and Evergreen Middle School in Everett.

The goal of the program is to help educationally disadvantaged students at those schools to become more academically engaged, to aspire to graduate high school and to continue on to college.

“College access coaching is an effective strategy to bridge the educational opportunity gap,” said Jerod Grant, EvCC Outreach, Diversity and Equity Center director and program supervisor for the College Access Corps project. “Access to a college education is a critical issue in our state and nation. This program will build partnerships to help youth in our local middle schools and high schools to achieve their educational goals.”

The grant is for one year. It may be extended up to three years, depending on performance. 

Washington Campus Compact is a coalition of Washington state higher education institutions committed to serving Washington through student engagement. Funding is provided to WACC by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

The College Access Corps program starts Aug. 15 and continues through June 30, 2015. EvCC students who are interested in volunteering should contact Jerod Grant at jgrant@everettcc.edu or 425-388-9040.