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In an effort to provide more efficiency for campus personnel, and create a structured, stream-lined process for receiving personnel, surplus items will be picked up and delivered daily between 1-3pm. To request pick-up or delivery of surplus items, please email

For pick-up, include room number and items to be picked up. Be detailed. For instance, don't just say "tables," if you have six large tables for pick up; say, "six large tables." This allows Ryan to determine what sort of pick-up apparatus he requires. For two tables, he might just need a hand truck. For six tables, he might need a pickup truck. Also, you must tag your items with sticky notes that say, "Surplus," so we know exactly what to take.

For delivery, include room number and items to be delivered. Be detailed. For instance, if you discussed an item with Ryan, and you know where it's located, you might say, "Please deliver the red table with polka dots in Index 171 that Ryan showed me last Wednesday to my office GWH XXX on the third floor."

Most of the time, we will be able to pick up or deliver your surplus items on the same day if the request is received in the morning, but please allow 2-3 business days in case of a large request volume on a particular day, and plan accordingly.

Thank you for your courtesy and patience as we move to make surplus services more efficient.

Current Surplus

Please visit the Surplus Sale page for items currently available for sale. We recommend checking back each month as we list upcoming sales and items.

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