Careers in Music

So you've decided that you want a career in music? This is just a partial list of the many exciting opportunities available. Whether you need assistance in pursuing your already distinct career goals or guidance in determining what those goals might be, please consult with an advisor.

Teaching - Choir Director, College or University Faculty or Music Department Chairman, Elementary or Secondary School Music Teacher, Private Teacher, Pedagogy Teacher.

Music Composition - Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger, Staff or Freelance Songwriter, Jingle Writer, Film Scorer/Composer, Copyist, Editor, Transcriber, Sound Designer/Synthesis, Sound Environments Composer (Internet, Games, Programs)

Performance - vocalist, Instrumental Soloist, Background Vocalist, Session Musician, Performing Artist, Conductor, Orchestra Member, Opera/Musical Cast Member.

Music Production - Recording Engineer, Music Publisher, Producer, Music Director, Studio Director.

Music Business - Booking Agent, Business Manager, Music Publisher, Personal or Professional Manager, A&R Administrator, Consumer Researcher, Publicist.

Music in Stores - Instrument Repair & Restoration, Bow Repairer and Restorer, Instrument Sales Representative, Music Shop Manager, Musical Instrument Builder.

Music on the Road - Road Manager, Sound Technician, Tour Coordinator, Tour Publicist.

Other - Church Musician, Author (Pedagogy, etc.), Music Critic/Journalist, Music Librarian, Music Therapist, Piano Tuner, Tour Manager.