Become a Tutor

The Rainier Learning Center welcomes students who are interested in tutoring others. Applications are accepted for positions in the Tutoring Center and Writing Center.

Tutoring Center

Minimum Qualifications: Students may apply to become peer tutors in the Tutoring Center, if they meet the following criteria:

  • To tutor mathematics in the Drop-In Center students must have completed at least Math 138 or Math 141 earning A’s or B’s in their math courses and having an overall 3.0 GPA.   
  • To tutor other subjects students need to have completed the course with an A or B and have an overall GPA of 3.0.

Come talk to Debbie Newbury in the Tutoring Center further information or call 425-388-9356.

Writing Center

Interested in:

  • helping others with their writing?
  • gaining valuable teaching/tutoring experience?
  • receiving transferable college credit?
  • attending stimulating seminars covering a wide range of writing and learning topics?
  • refining your own writing skills?

Then, please come and talk to Ann Harrington, the Writing Center Coordinator. Call 425-388-9309 for information or complete a writing Assistant application form Acrobat PDF Reader Icon.

Minimum Qualifications: Students can apply as writing assistants in the Writing Center if they meet the following criteria:

  • a grade of "B" or better in English 101, or equivalent
  • recommendation from an instructor
  • desire and ability to work with other students and their writing (you do not need to be an expert in grammar)
  • permission from the Writing Center Coordinator
  • All writing assistants are required to attend a weekly seminar held in the Writing Center.

New writing assistants must register for  English 150 (Tutor Training and Practice) for at least one quarter. In subsequent quarters, at the discretion of the coordinator, writing assistants may elect credit or pay (work study or institutional funds).