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Our Mission

The Tutoring Center is a safe, creative space where we help students become more successful by employing a variety of tools such as, demonstrating processes, relating ideas, providing resources, encouraging group work and welcoming questions. We promote students’ increasing independence and confidence, preparing them for a lifetime of learning.

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Tutoring Services Provided

How the Tutoring Center Works

The Tutoring Center provides free academic/tutorial support to students enrolled in courses offered by EvCC, providing schedules can be matched and a qualified tutor can be located. Students may access services only in the courses they are currently enrolled in at EvCC for credit.

There are several ways a student may use the Center’s services: they may use the Drop-In Center, they may use the computers to do independent research, they may attend a small group session, or they may collect and use the handouts provided in the Center.

The Center does not provide credit to students using its services.

The Center’s goal is to assist students to:

  • formulate questions
  • use their textbooks as resources
  • prepare for exams
  • evaluate/correct exams
  • manage the course material
  • organize the course material
  • improve study skills and time management
  • recognize their strengths and weaknesses as learners
  • learn how to become independent learners
  • learn how to network with other students

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Become a Tutor

Interested in becoming a Tutoring Center tutor?
Details on getting started tutoring others.