Artist: Brother Beliz

Artist Statement: "The artwork fills the area between the bridge and the window of the atrium in Gray Wolf Hall with form and light. It further creates a gathering space that is experienced from inside the atrium, as one moves up or down the main stairway, from the bridge and from the adjacent rooms that look into the atrium. From outside the building it is seen from both the Entrance Court as one approaches and enters the building and from the Center Court that joins the new building with the rest of the campus. 

The metaphor for the artwork is of a small bud that grows into a flower in full bloom. The piece expressed the idea that over the continuum of time many parts grow and are added to come together to make one whole much like the accumulation of knowledge through the course of a lifetime. The skin and structure of the sculpture are one, not differentiated, and not of different materials. The light works in this way also. It does not jus illuminate the artwork but becomes an integral part of the artwork. Making it glow from within and at the same time project light out to create pattern and become a beacon at the center of the building. The artwork, which is seen from both the interior and exterior of Gray Wolf Hall and as one enters and moves through the building has one particular viewpoint from the center of the bridge. At this place all of the layers line up to form a perfect image of a flower in full bloom."

Location: Gray Wolf Hall - suspended in atrium 

Related Information: This work was commissioned through the Art in Public Places percent-for-art allocation associated with construction of Gray Wolf Hall and is part of the Washington State Arts Commission collection.






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