The Day the Wall Came Down

Artist: Veryl Goodnight

Artist Statement: "I was born loving animals and the American West, this has been the focus of my art for over three decades.  Working from life was initially an excuse to be outdoors and near the horses, birds, and many other animals that shared my life.  The reality, however, is that having a living, breathing model nearby not only provides information that a thousand photos couldn't convey, it keeps me excited.  Working from life also keeps me from becoming repititious.  The subtle differences of each living being have become my passion, whether I am sculpting or painting." 

Location: Library, Parks Student Union

Related Information: The sculpture was donated to the EvCC Fuondation by its owner, Dr. Gerhard Hoffman (Everett Junior College '50) and Rita Larom Hoffman of Lopez Island, WA.  The donation was in memory of Edward and Erna Neils Hoffman whose emigration from Germany in 1925 allowed a new-found freedom for them and their children.



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