Feather Star

Artist: Ali Baudoin

Artist Statement: "The visual concept for the sculpture originated from a type of crinoid - a flowerlike sea animal known as a feather star. Of particular interest in relation to the sculpture are their pointed feather-like arms that bend and twist with the ocean currents."

Location: Parks Student Union

Related Information: The Feather Star was commissioned through the Art in Public Places percent-for-arts program and is owned by the Washington State Arts Commission.

The sculpture was first installed in the atrium of the library, when it was part of the old Trojan Union Building. On February 16, 1987, the building burned to the ground as the result of an arsonist's fire. The Feather Star survived the fire and when the new Gary Parks Student Union was completed, the sculpture was re-installed in its new location.

The Feather Star has become a symbol of renewal and rebirth for the college. It is the inspiration for the three spires in the Everett Community College logo.



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