Everett Community College History Mural

Artist: Bernie Webber

Location: Olympus Hall - 1st floor - south wing

Related Information: The mural was commissioned by Everett Junior College alumni and the Everett Community College Foundation. 

Tryptich as follows

Left - EvCC Presidents J.F. Marvin Buechel and Paul P. McCurley in the upper right. Lower right figures are Senator Warren G. Magnuson, Representative Lloyd Meeds, Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Senator Henry M. Jackson during a visit to the campus by Kennedy in 1967.

Center depicts football coach Walt Price and golf and track coach Ed Puck in the upper left. Psychology instructor Dick Brigham is in the center left and science fiction author David Eddings is depicted at a college dance in 1958. Across the bottom are buildings on the original campus site at 25th and Oakes.

Right includes President Frederic T. Giles, President Jeanette Poore and instructor and administrator Marie Ross (1948-1988). On the lower left is President Norman H. Clark; David Holdenis in the upper left - a basketball start and drum major in the 1950s.



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