Professional / Technical Programs

Everett Community College offers a variety of professional-technical programs in high demand occupations. Short-term training, certificates and a variety of specific Associate in Technical Arts (ATA) degrees provide many options for students seeking to sharpen skills and enter or advance within their careers.

In order to prepare students for employment, all professional-technical areas of study provide courses with content and skills specific to that occupation. In addition, our programs provide students with computational, human relations and communication skills as they relate to the workplace. The College relies upon advisory committees made up of representatives from management and labor in the various occupational fields to help develop and maintain cutting edge courses by incorporating current skills standards and competencies necessary for successful employment. They also provide a liaison with business and industry in researching employment and training needs and assisting graduates in finding employment.

Rapidly advancing technology has created the need for workers to retrain several times during their lifetime. The College collaborates with DSHS, Employment Security, DVR, and many community based organizations in providing training, retraining, and job skill upgrades. Corporate and Continuing Education Center works with labor to provide several areas of specific training for apprentices.

Although the primary goal of professional-technical education is to prepare the student for immediate employment, students may be able to transfer some of their professional-technical course work to a four year university for further education toward a bachelor's degree. Additionally, many professional-technical courses are articulated with K-12 programs through the Tech Prep Program. Students should check with a program advisor for credit eligibility requirements.

Professional and Technical Career Pathways

View our current list of Professional and Technical Career Pathways for multiple degrees and certificates here at Everett Community College.

Curriculum Guides

A full list of curriculum guides for professional-technical areas is available to assist students in planning programs. The curriculum guides are available in the Parks Student Union at the Office of Enrollment Services on the 2nd floor, and at Counseling and Career Services on the 3rd floor.

In general, our technical degree programs are not designed for transfer to other colleges or universities. However, colleges and universities that have technical programs themselves are more likely to accept technical coursework. Also, some institutions have special programs that accept technical courses and/or degrees, such as the ones listed below.

  • The Evergreen State College: Upside Down Degree for selected technical programs.
  • Central Washington University: Associate of Applied Science (Transfer) in Computer Information Systems. This degree leads to a Bachelor of Applied Science offered in Everett through the University Center.
  • University of Maryland University Campus: Acceptance of AAS-DTA as a block of 90 credits. Agreement to review Associate in Technical Arts programs for block transfer.
  • University of Phoenix: General transfer.
  • City University - Acceptance of Associate in Technical Arts degrees as 90 credits.

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