Global Studies

Winter Quarter 2015: Survey of the United States in a Global Context

Mondays 1:45-3:25 p.m.  2 credits (#4646) 

Learn about: 
The core values of the United States' political, economic, and social/cultural system. 
The impact the world has had on the United States. 
The impact the historical transformation of the United States into a superpower has had on the rest of the world. 

This course can assist both international and local students to gain a better understanding of the forces that have altered the USA and consequently have shaped many regions of the world.

GS 102 is a two credit course. Students can continue with GS 103 in spring quarter for an additional three credits. Both courses together present five credits, which can either count for Humanities or Social Science distribution. Learn about the United States in a global context and earn college transfer credits that complete DTA requirements.

Global Studies

Global education provides for the study of international issues within a multidisciplinary framework. An education that focuses on the interdependence of communities fuels a student's ability to contribute to important decision-making processes. Global studies is designed as an introduction to cultural, political, and economic perspectives of processes at the global level.

There are three areas where an endorsement can be earned:

  1. Global Citizenship Endorsement
  2. Global Health Endorsement
  3. Policy and Conservation Endorsement

Each endorsement outlines a different set of courses and is usually associated with a course of study to be pursued once the student reaches the university setting. While students might take some courses in each of the areas of concentration, ultimately at least one concentration must be chosen in order to earn the endorsement. More than one concentration may be achieved with careful planning. It is strongly suggested that students meet with a global studies advisor to best determine the courses that will form this educational foundation.

Program contacts for Global Citizenship Endorsement
Elke Dinter
Steven Horn
Lori Wisdom-Whitley

Program contacts for Global Health Endorsement
Rene Kratz

Program contacts for Policy and Conservation Endorsement
Elke Dinter