General Program Information

What preparation does EvCC offer in history?
Why would someone want to study history at EvCC?
What is the study of history?
Why would someone want to pursue history? 

The study of history provides context and better prepares students to understand the current state of affairs in the world. Studying history teaches students to critically think and analyze complex situations. These skills are invaluable in the job market. One does not need to be a history major to benefit from taking an array of history courses while pursuing a transfer degree into another discipline. In many ways, studying history will help students to engage in their culture and the professional world with a depth of understanding many employers need.

For History Majors

At EvCC, students interested in majoring in history are encouraged to pursue the Associate in Arts and Sciences - Option II DTA.Acrobat PDF Reader Icon This degree meets statewide guidelines for smooth transfer to most of Washington's colleges and universities and several in Oregon. With this degree, a student will have completed most or all of the lower-division, general-education requirements typically required within a bachelor's degree. The complete description of this degree program, with a checklist, is provided in the Associate in Arts and Sciences Direct Transfer Guide.

Typically, students pursue their study at the bachelor’s degree level and then at the master’s level. By beginning their college study at a community college and then transferring to a university, students can enjoy the benefits of smaller classes and lower tuition. 

Students are encouraged to review the catalogs and history departments of a variety of colleges and universities in order to discover if special courses should be taken in the first and second year in preparation for entering the major as a junior. In many cases, first- and second-year courses that may be prerequisite for the major may be taken within the AAS-Option II DTA plan. Students should work with an advisor to map out a plan that is best for them.