Nippon Business Institute Japanese Cultural Center

NBI Japanese Garden Bridge with CherryWelcome!

The Nippon Business Institute Japanese Cultural and Resource Center has been a program of Everett Community College in Everett, Washington since 1987. The primary mission of the NBI is to help Bridge the Cultural Gap which exists between eastern and western cultures, with a primary focus on Japan.

The NBI is an international studies program concentrating on the practical aspects and importance of understanding, developing, and maintaining personal and business relationships. The program provides a foundation for achieving awareness and skills in critical areas such as culture, history, business practices and the Japanese language.

With our mission in mind, we promote the study of language, history, culture, social structure, economic issues, communication styles, and business protocols. We also facilitate a wide array of interactions between local businesses and Japanese companies, as well as between members of our community and their Japanese friends and associates.

The NBI is a great place to start for anyone desiring a career in the international business arena. The program is complementary to many majors, especially business transfer programs, adding an international component to the curriculum.  For those actively engaged in doing business with Japan, the NBI can help sharpen skills, while providing new ones.  Students can earn an Endorsement in US-Japan Intercultural Fundamentals with only 30 credits needed to complete the core credit requirement.