Program of Study

The Nursing Program offers a course of study that prepares students for licensure as Registered Nurses.

The curriculum includes a strong foundation in communication, biological and social sciences, general education and nursing courses. Students integrate theory and practice throughout the Nursing Program. Application occurs in campus laboratories, simulation laboratories, classroom settings, acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, and community health care settings.

Requirements to earn AASII Degree and be able to write the RN NCLEX Exam:

Prerequisite Courses Course Title Cr
ENGL& 101 or
ENGL& 101 D
English Composition I 5
CMST& 210 Interpersonal Communication 5
PSYC& 200 Lifespan Psychology 5
SOC& 101/
ANTH& 206D
Intro to Sociology/Cultural Anthropology 5
BIOL& 211 Majors Cellular 5
BIOL& 231 Human Anatomy 6
BIOL& 232 Human Physiology 6.5
BIOL& 260 Microbiology 5
  Credits: 42.5
Nursing Courses    
Nursing 110 Nursing Therapeutics I/Lab 13
Nursing 120 Nursing Therapeutics II/Lab 13
Nursing 130 Nursing Therapeutics III/Lab 13
Nursing 210 Nursing Therapeutics IV/Lab 13
Nursing 220 Nursing Therapeutics V/Lab 13
Nursing 230 Nursing Therapeutics VI/Lab 12
  Credits:  77
  Total credits:  119.5

Proposed Plan of Study

Note to Students: This plan assumes that a student is college ready and has completed high school requirements with a grade of "C" or higher within the last five years. There are many students for whom this is not true, or for whom such a rigorous year of prerequisite courses may not be feasible. The program of study prepares a graduate to enter a BSN course of study immediately after completing the Associate Degree, giving the graduate the highest opportunity for employment as an RN soon after graduation. It is highly recommended that all students meet with a nursing advisor to determine a plan of study that will lead to their success.

Prerequisite Year of Study

Fall-10 cr Winter-16 cr Spring-17.5 cr Summer-15 cr
ENGL& 101(D)
BIOL& 211
BSN requirement
PSYC& 200
BIOL& 231
BSN requirement
SOC& 101 or
ANTH& 206(D)
BIOL& 232
BSN requirement
CMST& 210
BIOL& 260
BSN requirement

1st Year of Nursing Study

Fall - 13 cr Winter - 13 cr Spring - 12 cr Summer - 5
NURS 110 NURS 120 NURS 130 BSN requirement

2nd Year of Nursing Study

Fall - 13 cr Winter - 13 cr Spring - 13 cr Summer - 5
NURS 210 NURS 220 NURS 230 BSN requirement