Selection Process

The selection process is precise and is carried out by the Nursing Faculty as required by Washington State WACs. The process includes an academic file review with focus on the Essential Qualifications. Demonstration of the Essential Qualifications: TEAS test scores submitted to (Please note, any scores submitted elsewhere will not be considered)

Admissions Policy

The Admissions Committee will verify that requirements are met via review of admission elements noted below:

Advising: Student has attended an Information Session and has met with a Nursing Advisor.

Application Forms: Application Forms Part I (pages 1 and 2) and Part II are complete and present in the student’s file.

Course Completion

  • All science general education courses have been completed. Applicant has completed all other-than-science general education courses or has indicated the manner and timing of the course completion on Application Part II. All such courses are assessed as being ‘able to be completed’ by the beginning of the student’s program.
  • Official HS transcripts showing date of graduation or official GED. Applicants with out-of-country HS transcripts have had equivalency verified as noted by Nursing Records Office/Enrollment Services.
  • Official HS transcript showing Algebra (one year & grade of “C” or better, or equivalency)
  • Official HS transcript showing Chemistry completed within the last 5 years (one year & grade of “C” or better) or preferred College Chemistry (grade of “C” or better)
    (Note: courses above do not contribute to GPA calculations for program admission)
  • Official college transcripts showing required general education courses (each course grade is above 2.0 (“C”) and average science GPA is 2.85 or above as well as general education required course GPA is 2.85 or above)
    Note: see Nursing Curriculum Guide for additional directions regarding out-of-state and private college/university transcript requirements

Other requirements

An academic file review is conducted on each student to review the demonstration of the Essential Qualifications. Attention is given to those qualifications evident during interactions with nursing advisors and staff.
ATI TEAS test scores are reviewed and considered in the acceptance of students. Those students with the highest TEAS score levels will be accepted first. Each of the four TEAS tests (science, math, reading, comprehension) as well as the overall score is considered. All TEAS test sections must be passed at Proficient levels or above. The below table is the benchmark for Proficient levels and above as identified by ATI.

Overall Score
Reading Score
Mathematics Score
Science Score
English and Language Usage Score
58.7% 69.0% 63.3% 45.8% 60.0%