Welcome to the Math Department!

If you are considering a major in mathematics, we have the courses you need. Our courses focus on first- and second-year degree requirements which serve as preparation for majoring in mathematics at a four-year college or university.

You are choosing one of the oldest and most fundamental of disciplines, yet one which is dynamic and rapidly growing in reaction to developments in technology, physical and biological sciences, and social sciences.

Mathematics majors at universities have a number of options  from which to choose, including Actuarial Sciences, Applied Statistics, Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling/Applied Analysis, Operations Research, Secondary Teaching of Mathematics, and Theoretical Mathematics.

Everett Community College offers the following pathway toward a university major in mathematics:

The Associate in Arts and Sciences – Direct Transfer Agreement ("DTA") meets guidelines for direct transfer to most colleges and universities in Washington, as well as the major public universities in Oregon. The degree enables the student to complete most or all of the general distribution requirements in Quantitative Skills, English, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, and to begin the major course of study in mathematics.

Please review this degree checklist Acrobat PDF Reader Icon.  It outlines the requirements for the AAS – DTA degree with special recommendations for math majors.