Student Housing Application

Interested in living on-campus? Here's how to join our community...

Step 1: Become a Student 

To be eligible for student housing, you must be at least 18 years old and have applied and been accepted to Everett Community College, WSU North Puget Sound at Everett, or Western Washington University at Everett. How do you know if you've been accepted? You should have received an email two business days after applying with your Admissions Letter and Student Identification Number (SID). Residents must also remain registered in classes to continue living in student housing after move-in with the exception of the summer quarter.

Please Note: International students complete a different academic admission process and do not receive their SID until their arrival on campus. It is not required for their student housing application.

Step 2: Complete your online housing application

Student Housing Application - International Student
Student Housing Application - Domestic/US Student 

Payment of the application fee is required before your application can be processed. Your application fee can be paid by providing payment information on the credit card authorization form included in the application. Payment information provided on this form will be processed by our Cashiers Office within five business days of submission.

Step 3: Check your email! 

Students who applied for housing will be receive more information, via email, regarding how their application will be processed and when they will be sent more information about their housing assignment. 

Step 4: Student Housing Contract 

Once a student receives their housing assignment, they will be required to sign the Student Housing Contract. This serves as a confirmation of their acceptance of the housing assignment offered. This contract is binding for the duration of their chosen contract term in student housing. Students are urged to carefully consider their circumstances before signing this contract as they will be financially responsible for the full quarterly amount of rent and fees once it has been signed. Failure to pay rent and fees by the deadline may result in late fees, the requirement to vacate their housing assignment, and a block from registering for future classes until a full payment has been made.

Early Contract Cancellation Policy: Students who choose to cancel their contract prior to the end of their contract term must complete an Early Contract Cancellation Request Form, which can be found on the Student Housing Forms page. This form must be completed by the deadline. Students who submit the form after the deadline will be responsible for rent for the next quarter until Student Housing is able to re-establish occupancy following a student's request for early contract cancellation. Students who choose to cancel their contract early will forfeit their deposit and be required to pay a $500.00 early cancellation fine. Students who submit an Early Contract Cancellation Request Form may be able to cancel their contract, without penalty, for the following reasons 1) study abroad; 2) graduation; 3) withdrawal from the College; 4) military deployment, and 5) acquisition of dependents. Necessary documentation will be required. Approval is not guaranteed.