EvCC Leadership Academy

What is Leadership Academy?

The Leadership Academy was established in 2007 as a professional development program for employees in all types of positions throughout the college including faculty, classified staff, and administrators.  Our goal is to provide a personal and supportive experience for the enhancement of skills with specific emphasis on leadership practices, working styles, diversity, communication, group dynamics, design thinking, change management and conflict resolution.  Participants meet twice monthly from October through May to explore specific topics and to design and complete a group project that addresses an issue or need at the college.

Congratulations to the 2014 - 2015  Leadership Academy Graduates!

From left to right: Rob Abernathy, Mary Dickson, Stephanie Doyle, Jennifer Brashear, Russ Nunes, Kristen McConaha, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Debbie Newbury, Betsy Stam, Sarah Damp, Stacy Siler, Shelley Weyer, Will Frankhouser, Lisa Marone, and Jill Thornton

Leadership Academy 2014 - 2015 Cohort

Team Earth
Members: Stephanie Doyle, Mary Dickson, Rob Abernathy, Russ Nunes, and Jennifer Brashear
Project Summary: Team Earth's project focused on educating the community and sharing the art on the EvCC campus by restructuring the Art on EvCC Campus landing page on the EvCC website featuring the first group of nine permanent art pieces.  Team Earth continues work on developing an interactive map that will show where pieces are located to facilitate a walking tour. 
Click here to see Team Earth's work on the EvCC Website.
Click here to view their final presentation.  

Team Wind
Members: Lisa Marone, Stacy Siler, Shelley Weyer, Jill Thornton, and Will Frankhouser
Project Summary: Team Wind's project was an effort to help change the culture of the use of digital communication by providing training resources to new and current employees, an intranet landing page which houses various links to best practices and Gmail tips and tricks, and a Digital Daily Digest that condenses "all campus" emails into one email per day.  With the implementation of this project, the use of email, on campus, should be more productive and efficient.
Click here to see Team Wind's (internal) intranet page.
Click here to view their final presentation.

Team Fire
Members: Betsy Stam, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Debbie Newbury, Kristen McConaha, and Sarah Damp
Project Summary: Team Fire's project involved work with the Vice President of Administrative Services / Human Resources to create a solution for keeping employee engagement activities thriving at EvCC.  This team created an employee engagement sustainability package including: a kick-off engagement event, a template for others to create employee events, an internal web presence, and a new group called the "Supporting Employee Engagement Committee" (or "SEE" committee) designed to aid employee engagement advancement.
Click to see Team Fire's Community Events Calendar on the intranet, and to see listings for free or almost free events for employees of EvCC
Click here to view their final presentation.

Leadership Academy 2014-2015 Calendar & Schedule of Activities