EvCC Leadership Academy

What is Leadership Academy?

The Leadership Academy was established in 2007 as a professional development program for employees in all types of positions throughout the college including faculty, classified staff, and administrators. Our goal is to provide a personal and supportive experience for the enhancement of skills with specific emphasis on leadership practices, working styles, diversity, communication, group dynamics, design thinking, change management and conflict resolution. Participants meet twice monthly from October through May to explore specific topics and to design and complete a group project that addresses an issue or need at the college.

Congratulations to the 2016 - 2017  Leadership Academy Graduates!

From (left to right): Stephanie Coxon, Elise Robinson, Miles Labitzke, Brittany Padget, Lisa Jones, Amie Waters, Lisa Jameson, Alisha Miller, Michael Schroeder, Jason Pfau, Kambria Stever, Mary Bates, and Winnie Corral-Pena (not pictured: Ryan Hagstrom)  

Leadership Academy 2016 - 2017 Cohort

Team Hufflepuff
Members: Elise Robinson, Miles Labitzke, Lisa Jones, Brittany Padget, and Stephanie Coxon
Project Summary: Team Hufflepuff worked with Pat Sisneros, Vice President of College Services. Their project was a sustainability visibility campaign to increase awareness and active participation in sustainability practices at EvCC. The team completely redesigned the college’s sustainability website from the ground-up with easier navigation, updated images, action-oriented language, and an automated events page. They also launched a new sustainability blog, interactive sustainability resource map, sustainability pledge, and sustainability hero award. As a show of commitment from the college, Team Hufflepuff also solicited a support statement from EvCC President, Dr. Beyer, that is featured on the new website. View the website and new resources at www.everettcc.edu/sustainability.

View their final presentation.  

Team Gryffindor
Members: Michael Schroeder, Jason Pfau, Lisa Jameson, Amie Waters, and Alisha Miller
Project Summary: Team Gryffindor's team project grew out of and expressed concern of their client who was at the time the Interim Athletic Director. He shared that he was concerned that athletic events were poorly attended and lacked community engagement. After some group brainstorming the idea to create an athletic mentorship program would address both challenges and as a side note it would solve the issue the college has when it comes to justifying the athletic credits in the accreditation process. They team ran into some road blocks.  The client loved the idea, but the coaches were not on board with the added work load of managing the mentorship class. Their client asked them to move forward with their plan and he would put it in the lap of the new athletic director when the time comes. The team created a class complete with a Course Information Form, a syllabus, a course in Canvas, and a resource guide for the student mentors to use to connect with local middle school students. It was a rewarding process and they grew as a group in our understanding of leadership as a result.
View their final presentation.

Team Ravenclaw
Members: Mary Bates, Kambria Stever, Ryan Hagstrom, and Winnie Corral-Pena
Project Summary:  Team Ravenclaw worked with our client, Center of Excellence Director Mary Kaye Bredeson, to come up with a variety of ways to increase the awareness of COE and all that it has to offer with the EvCC Campus community. Focusing, specifically, on how to best get the information to the student population. We achieved this by creating a road map for Director Bredeson to utilize, which contains the who, when, how, and where for each method of increasing COE's exposure on Campus. This road map included EvCC's Opening Week, Daily Digest, Advising Center, New Employee Orientation, Social Media, and a few other ways to accomplish the goal of our team and the Center of Excellence. 

View their final presentation.

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