EvCC Take Action 

Ways to take action to create a campus culture of respect, advocacy, and engagement for all

Action-Oriented Activities

Equity Weekly: Make a Commitment and Take the Challenge

Read one article per week on topics such as equity, privilege, oppression, civic engagement, social change, color blindness, etc.  Every week a new article, documentary, or similar resources will be emailed out to campus through the Daily Digest. To start, visit: http://www.everettcc.libguides.com/equity

Black Lives Matter LibGuide

The Black Lives Matter LibGuide serves as an introduction to the movement as well as a resource for activists.  It highlights recent tragedies, particularly Ferguson, and offers historical perspective back to the early days of slavery.  Activists and faculty may find the statistics, articles and books on police brutality and racial tension, especially helpful for further educating themselves and others.

Green Dot Training

A bystander intervention training designed to develop skills in how to intervene when witnessing inappropriate and hurtful behavior (i.e. sexual harassment, discrimination, bias, etc.). This training is an excellent opportunity to learn what to do when you see a situation unfolding in front of you, how to manage any barriers you may have in stepping in, and to answer that timeless question: "How can I do my part?" Interested? Training sessions are available throughout the year or feel free to schedule one for your class, department or with a group of students!
Questions: Becky Lamboley at rlamboley@everettcc.edu or 425-388-9187. Green Dot Training Registration

Green Dot Buttons

Watch for Green Dot buttons across campus.  By choosing to wear a Green Dot button a commitment is made to serve as an ally and advocate for targeted identities.  It is also a commitment to take action when expressions of hate are witnessed rather than passively standing by. Buttons are located in the Title IX Coordinator’s office (Olympus 207), Diversity & Equity, Center for Disability Services, TRiO, and Student LIFE.  Individuals who wear the green dot button must complete the Green Dot Training and at least one additional training that focuses on understanding foundational concepts and contexts that underpin issues related to discrimination, hate/bias.  (ex: Safe Zone Training, Micro-aggression Training, Undoing Institutional Racism, etc.). 


Undoing Institutionalized Racism

This unique workshop is offered by The People’s Institute, a national, multiracial, anti-racist network dedicated to ending racism and other forms of institutional oppression.  Over the last 35 years, we have provided training, consultation, and leadership development to more than 500,000 people in organizations nationally and internationally. Graduates of the Undoing Racism Workshop say that racism often stands in the way of effective organizing and that the workshop helped them deal with both cultural competence and racial dynamics in their work and in community. See the People's Institute Northwest website for more information. To register, sign up here.

Affinity Groups for EvCC Employees

New to EvCC!  Affinity groups are voluntary associations intended to provide a forum for employees to gather and share ideas around a common interest in order to encourage collaboration and understanding. Affinity groups support the mission, vision and values of the college. In addition to racial, ethnic background, and gender-based affinity groups, there are groups that bring together employees based on country of origin, religion, physical disabilities, military service, age and sexual orientation as well as other shared interests or experiences. For information on how to start one, contact Jennifer Howard, jhoward@everettcc.edu or 425-388-9232.

Real Talk Wednesday

An open forum in which students, staff, faculty, and community members can host meaningful and courageous conversations in order to 1) create community and 2) educate the campus on social justice issues, current events, trends, and topics that matter to you. Find out more information on upcoming forums.

Questions: Jerod Grant, jgrant@everettcc.edu, 425-388-9040 or  Lindsay Hudson, lhudson@everettcc.edu, 425-388-9508.   

Queer Questions, Straight Talk (QQST)

Open conversations to demystify, educate, and advocate, and move toward creating the change we envision: a culture that is safe, welcoming, accepting, and fair for all, including those who are LGBTQIA+. QQST is a program of the Pride Center.    

Questions: Lindsay Hudson, lhudson@everettcc.edu or 425-388-9508.   

Safe Zone Training

An interactive training designed to increase awareness surrounding LGBTQIA+ identities, issues specific to the LGBTQIA+ community, and to become familiar with inclusive language. Safe Zone Training provides the opportunity to make a commitment to learn about LGBTQIA+ culture, including the "coming out" process, and other experiences unique to the LGBTQIA+ community; to challenge homophobia, heterosexism, and transphobia (e.g. remarks, jokes, behaviors, cartoons, language, etc.); and to continue to learn about the resources available to the LGBTQIA+ community at Everett Community College and beyond. Request training here.

Questions: Marisa Hackett, mhackett@everettcc.edu, 425-388-9183; Becky Lamboley, rlamboley@everettcc.edu, 425-388-9187; or Lindsay Hudson, lhudson@everettcc.edu, 425-388-9508.

Safe Zone Committee

Founded in December of 2000, the Safe Zone Committee works to create an inclusive environment free from homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism through advocacy, education, services and support for LGBTQIA+ students, staff and faculty.  Displaying the Safe Zone symbol shows support for the community, and communicates that it is safe to talk to the person who displays it.  For more information and resources please visit the Safe Zone website.

Questions: Marisa Hackett, mhackett@everettcc.edu, 425-388-9183 or Lindsay Hudson, lhudson@everettcc.edu, 425-388-9508. 

Dreamers Success Training

An informative training designed to increase awareness surrounding undocumented students, their rights and needs. The Dreamers Training aims to create an inclusive campus for all undocumented students. Interested? Register here. For questions or more information, contact Maria Behrens at mbehrens@everettcc.edu or 425-388-9997.

Dreamers Task Force

Founded on November of 2015 to develop sustainable ways of supporting undocumented students the taskforce meets by-quarterly and actively supports students and explore new and creative solutions for their concerns. For questions or more information, contact Maria Behrens at mbehrens@everettcc.edu or 425-388-9997.

Dreamers Success Program

The Diversity and Equity Center continues to be a safe space for all students including undocumented students. Students met with President Beyer to share their concerns following the elections and plan to continue to meet.  In addition, students are meeting to exchange the latest information regarding financial aid, academic resources, immigration rights, DACA (Deferred action for Childhood Arrivals) and more.  For more information about undocumented students, see EvCC's Undocumented Student Resources.

Questions: Maria Behrens, mbehrens@everettcc.edu or 425-388-9997.

Off-Campus Training Opportunities

Compass Health, a local mental and behavioral health resources, offers a variety of trainings. Below are descriptions of a few of the training options: 

  • Adult Mental Health First Aid
  • Responding to Escalating Individuals
  • Strategies to Avoid Physical Harm
  • A Practical Approach to Mitigating the Risk of Violence

Questions: Visit the training website or contact Diana Beal, Training Coordinator at Compass Health at Diana.beal@compassh.org or 425-349-8588.  

Community Immigration Resources

NEW: Immigration resources for individuals impacted by recent actions.

EvCC Campus Resources

Escorts Available

Employees are continuously available to escort you to your destination. For help, feel free to reach out to the Diversity & Equity Center (Parks 308), the Center for Disability Services (Parks 267), the Office of Student LIFE (Parks 209), and Campus Security (Parks 224).  

Diversity & Equity Center

The center exists to provide a courageous/safe space for students, faculty and staff. To find support, connect with resources, and serve the campus and surrounding community.

Some services included: 

  • Student lounge and computer lab. 
  • Satellite tutoring in multiple languages (languages vary quarterly). 
  • Student Diversity Advisory council. 
  • Community engagement and mentoring opportunities.  

Questions: diversity@everettcc.edu or 425-388-9306.  Jerod Grant, jgrant@everettcc.edu or 425-388-9040. 

Student LIFE

Student leadership development, student engagement and inclusive activities are the main focus of the Office for Student LIFE.  Student LIFE serves the Associated Students and the campus community by providing programs and services that support educational, cultural, social and personal growth in order to create a positive learning environment that enhances the total student educational experience.  

Some services include: 

  • 45 Student Clubs/Organizations and Club Council 
  • Club Hub – Meeting and work space for student clubs/organizations
  • Student Government – An opportunity to voice student concerns
  • A wide variety of events and activities are offered for EvCC students and the community
  • Student Diversity Advisory Council
  • Student Ambassadors available for peer assistance

Questions: studentlife@everettcc.edu or 425-388-9561. Jennifer Rhodes, jrhodes@everettcc.edu or 425-388-9509

Quiet Reflection Space

Dedicated space for students and staff that are looking for a quiet space for meditation, reflection and prayer. For more information, contact Jennifer Rhodes, jrhodes@everettcc.edu, 425-388-9509 or studentlife@everettcc.edu

Pride Center

The Pride Center is a place where students can ask questions, seek support and resources, and feel safe to be who they are. The Pride Center offers a safe space for LGBTQIA+ students, staff and faculty. Thanks to the continuing strong support of students, staff, faculty and administration from across the campus, and partnership between Student LIFE, the Diversity and Equity Center, Triangle Alliance and Safe Zone, the EvCC Pride Center will be staffed Monday through Friday, with morning, afternoon and evening hours. Location: PSU 221B

Questions: Lindsay Hudson, lhudson@everettcc.edu, 425.388.9508 or pridecenter@everttcc.edu

Center for Disability Services

Promotes equal opportunity for students with disabilities pursuing higher education and achieving their academic goals by offering academic support, advocacy, accommodations, and connections. Location: PSU 272. For questions, contact Karen Ehnat, kehnat@everettcc.edu, 425-388-9273. 

Veterans Resource Center

Dedicated to providing the support needed to help our servicemen and women adjust to college life by providing veterans a strong support system and centralized veteran-friendly services. Location:  Baker Hall 203A. For questions, contact Alene Cahoon, acahoon@everettcc.edu, 425-388-9587.

Student Counseling

Campus counselors educate and serve students to develop and achieve their academic, career and personal goals.  Everett Community College Counseling & Student Success offers appointments for currently enrolled or returning students with professional counselors for Career Counseling, Academic/Educational Counseling, Advising, and free short-term counseling, as well as referral to community resources to help students adjust to, cope with, and succeed in college. Visit the CSS website for more information. Questions: counseling@everettcc.edu or 425-388-9263. 

Employee Counseling

The Employee Assistance Program is a Washington State program that provides free counseling and referrals to help with personal or work-related problems that may be impacting your work performance. Participation is voluntary and confidential and employees can request a work schedule adjustment to allow access to the services of this program. Visit the Employee Assistance Program website for more information. Questions: 877-313-4455.