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Thank you for considering giving to the EvCC Foundation. Donating online is easy, fast and secure.  

Your gift, in any amount, will help ensure that every student who dreams of bettering their life through education will have a chance.  Use the right sidebar to donate now and help a student realize their dreams!

The Foundation awarded more than $244,000 in scholarships to EvCC students for the 2015 - 16 school year.

Your support of our student scholarship program provides qualified students wishing to attend Everett Community College the opportunity for higher education, regardless of their financial status. Every dollar that you contribute is one less dollar a student must borrow, one less hour he or she must work to pay for college.

The most valuable gift you can give is the gift of an education.

Establish a Scholarship

Creating a named scholarship with the Everett Community College Foundation is easy! You can choose to establish an annual scholarship or create an endowment in your name or in honor of a loved one. You can direct the scholarship to students majoring in a particular program and/or area of interest such as nursing, athletics, engineering or any EvCC program.

Create an Annual Scholarship

An Annual Scholarship provides a yearly award to students who meet the criteria established by you and the university. The scholarship may be established with a one-time gift with the awards being made until the funds are diminished or the donor may contribute the amount of the award every year.

Create an Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship endowments enable you to create a scholarship in perpetuity. A minimum donation of $20,000 is required to establish an endowment within the Everett Community College Foundation and can be made in a one-time gift or may be pledged over a four-year period. The principal is invested and a portion of the return is used each year to support the scholarship. The remainder is added back to the principal to promote growth and protect against inflation.

Other Naming Opportunities

Recognition through naming opportunities for programs, buildings, or endowments can memorialize a loved one, salute a mentor or honor one’s family. The staff of the Everett Community College Foundation can help you develop the naming opportunity to meet your philanthropic wishes.

Join the Summit Society

The Summit Society at Everett Community College was founded to honor friends and alumni who have established planned gifts or have provided for EvCC in their will.

Learn More!

For more information about any of these giving opportunities please contact us at 425-388-9555.

Scholarship Recipients

If you have a question about a scholarship you have been awarded please call EvCC Financial Aid 425-388-9280.