Electronics & Troubleshooting Certificate Program

Electronics and troubleshooting pic Electronics & Troubleshooting Certificate Program

Required Courses (146 Hours)

Basic Electronics & TroubleshootingExternal Site Link
This is a focused, intensive training for the specific skills and knowledge needed for troubleshooting electronic systems. Students will learn the fundamentals of electronic components and circuits and testing. Emphasis will be on component, circuit operations, analysis, and documentation.

Intermediate Electronics & TroubleshootingExternal Site Link
Build on the skills learned in the Basic Electronics and Troubleshooting class. Emphasis will be on understanding and broadening the use of equipment (DMM, Function Generators, Bench top power supplies, Oscilloscopes) to troubleshoot, test, and align circuits and equipment. Areas of study include: Breaking down complex schematics for troubleshooting purposes, analysis and troubleshooting techniques for AC and DC power conversion, linear and switching power supplies, analog to digital and digital to analog convertors, amplifiers and oscillators, logic gates and timer circuits, electro-mechanical interface circuits, and electronic sensors.

Lead Free Hands on Soldering Training and Assembly External Site Link
Gain basic knowledge needed for entry-level opportunities in the electronics manufacturing industry including new hire training. Learn basic electronic assembly including mechanical assembly, safety & ESD, component identification, common industry terms and definitions and basic hand soldering skills development. Course is 40 percent lecture, 60 percent hands-on lab exercises using industry standard tools and materials.

Network FundamentalsExternal Site Link
This course is designed to help you perform a complete network installation as well as understand common troubleshooting and maintenance techniques. Learn the necessary information for networking technologies, installation, and common network problems. 

Elective Courses (24 hours) - Choose from the Following: